Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I receive my Product Key?

Instant Keys uses electronic delivery only (keys or packaging will not be physically delivered). We make your unique product key visible on screen with an official link to download your software after payment has been completed. We also send this information within your order confirmation email to the email provided on the order.

How quickly do I receive my Product Key?

Our fast and efficient e-delivery system allows for automatic allocation of your product key and near instant delivery. Once payment has been processed we make your unique product key visible on screen with an official link to download your software. We also send this confirmation to the email provided on the order. This ensures we can provide our quick service to all of our customers at any time of the day.

Is this software a legitimate version?

Yes. We encourage and force all of our customers to register their email address with their specific Product Key during the Microsoft online activation. This ensures verification and tracking of their authentic software. By doing this you can be confident the Microsoft Office product you have purchased is 100% legitimate. We only provide the Product Key, you will always the download the software direct from Microsoft.

How are you able to sell this software at such a low price?

As we work closely with our suppliers and purchase large volumes we are able to obtain the lowest prices possible. As an online store using an electronic delivery system, we are also able sustain minimal overheads.

Does your system generate the Product Key?

No, we do not create any Product Keys, we simply store the keys provided to us and then automatically allocate them to a customer when an order has been processed.

Do I need a USB installer for the software I purchased?

When you purchased a product key, we will send you an instruction on how to install the product including a download link hence, a USB installer is not necessary. However, there are people with very slow connection that finds it difficult to download an entire operating system. There are also cases where there is no installed OS on a PC to begin with.

You can add a USB installer together with your product key by simply selecting the “Add USB Installer (16GB)” option. This will cost you an additional 680.00 PHP. The 16GB USB drive contains the installation file of the purchased software. USB installer for operating system such as Windows 10 is completely bootable and installable on PCs without an OS. You are free to delete the files and reuse the USB drive if not anymore needed.

I did not receive all the keys I have purchased?

When purchasing more than 5 product keys, please allow us sufficient time to fulfill your order. Usually, it will just take less than an hour to receive your entire order. For purchases of more than 10 product keys, it might take us up to 12 hours to fulfill your order.

It is always a great idea to inform us ahead of time that you are planning to purchase in bulk to allow us to prepare our stock and fulfill your entire order instantly upon payment.

I purchased the wrong product Help!

If the product key was already issued, this is not anymore exchangeable for another product nor refundable. It is very important to be certain that you are purchasing the correct products before checking out.

If a product key was not yet issued, Contact Us immediately. We would simply cancel your order so you can order the correct product.

Where can I get help about my order?

Contact Form: Click here to go to the Contact form

Chat: Use the chat function on our website, click on the sticky ‘Help, or Message us’ button on the left side of the website browser. Type your message there and we will respond as soon as possible.


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